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What is the process for leasing Equipment?

Customer completes lease application online or downloads and faxes to us at 800.339.3552. Upon approval, we will send you a written proposal spelling out the financial options. Once you have accepted our proposal, we will FedEx a lease agreement to you for signature. On our receipt of the signed lease agreement, we will issue a purchase order to your supplier and make the required payment so that they can arrange delivery.

Is an equipment deposit required?

A deposit is usually required by all suppliers when your equipment order is placed. We can, in most cases, provide this deposit for you, subject to approval of your supplier.

How are lease charges determined?

The fixed monthly payment is based on the term of the lease, the cost of the equipment and the overall credit rating of the business and owners.

What factors are used to determine credit worthiness?

Length of time in business, references from financial institutions and credit bureau rating.

Can equipment be purchased at the end of the lease?

Yes. Most salon owners prefer $1.00 buyout leases (lessee owns equipment at the end of the lease).

What about sales or use tax?

All applicable taxes will be included in the lease payment. Property tax is billed separately by your county.

Who services or maintains the equipment?

You receive the benefits of all buyer warranties and are responsible for maintenence.

What effect does leasing have on your established bank loans or credit cards?

Bank loans and credit cards are unaffected by lease financing and can be better used for working capital or personal needs.

Need more information?
We'll be glad to help!
Contact Neil Doherty at 800.325.2332

Remodel, expand, relocate, or open a new salon with lease-to-own financing.

Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of financing equipment in business today. A recent Gallup survey found that 80% of U.S. businesses lease equipment.The list of companies using leasing ranges fron the Fortune 500 to the family store. A new or growing business is apt to face the dilemma of limited cash flow and the need to do something now. Lease financing can help without tying up your real estate or requiring a major investment on your part.

  • Leasing offers 100% financing including shipping and installation
  • Saves cash for product purchases, advertising, etc.
  • Fixed monthly payments up to five years
  • You own the equipment at the end of the lease for $1.00
  • Pay for your equipment as it is used to generate income


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